About Me, Again.

I was asked to do a bio for a new venture that I'm working on and I liked the flow of the writing so I decided to share it on here. It's a different way of saying what I've said before with a sprinkle of some new things. Enjoy.


Missed Opportunities.

We like to say that "What God has for me is for me," but if we are not prepared for it, it won't be. We're praying for it but we are not prepared to receive it.

Be Encouraged.

I am purposing and challenging myself now to speak life to people when I sense that someone may need a little extra motivation. There are some amazing gifts and talents locked up in people and I think that it is time that they are unlocked. We need them, and we NEED you. I encourage you to encourage others and speak life from this day forward.

Are You Happy?

I was abusing Grace and had the nerve to blame the devil for it. For that, I thank God for Mercy. For not giving me what I definitely deserved. And I thank Grace for allowing me another opportunity to make a decision.


I love writing. However, I loathe trying to construct an introduction. Right now as I'm trying to write this, my co-worker refuses stop talking. I'm not even sure what she's talking about but whatever it is she's into it. I'm working on my second cup of coffee and have just decided to write the regulatory five sentences in order... Continue Reading →

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